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Social Security Entitlements


The Centrelink Financial Information Service (FIS)  is a free education and expert information service. This service helps you to make informed decisions about your Centrelink entitlements and impacts that certain decisions might have on those entitlements, such as retirement, moving house etc.

This service is free and we recommend that anyone leading up to retirement who anticipates receiving a full or partial age pension meet with a FIS Officer by calling 13 2300.

They will normally provide you with a record of this interview that can cut out a significant part of your Advisers work as well as being another source of information to help you start thinking about your entitlements and how they might work.

Often though Centrelink benefits are just one small part of your retirement planning considerations and as such your Adviser will address this in the context of all the other financial and family considerations.

We offer you the ability to authorise your Adviser to have access via Centrelink e-services and ability to enquire on your behalf as this ensures that they can assist you with an Centrelink enquries and periodically review that you are getting the benefits you should be.

Where possible we also recommend that you register for online services  with Centrelink to assist you to easily update them on changes to your financial circumstances and the ability to view your entitlements.

Department of Veteran Affairs (DVA)

The Department of Veteran Affairs provides services of care, compensation and commemoration for veterans and their dependants. The DVA provides benefits such as income support and compensation payments, health care and housing assistance.

  Your Adviser can assist you to navigate through the various entitlements and again ensure you are receiving all the benefits you should be.Your Adviser can provide you with the ability to authorise them to make enquiries on your behalf directly with DVA.

Family Assistance Office

Families are entitled to many different payments and too often we find that they are not always aware of what they can claim. Your Adviser can work with you to ensure that your eligibility for certain benefits is reviewed and considered in the financial decisions you take as a family.

It is particularly important for new parents to familiarise themselves with the benefits available to them including;

  • Family Tax Benefit Part A & Part B
  • Baby Bonus
  • Child Care Benefit / Child Care Rebate
  • Maternity Immunisation Allowance
  • Paid Parental Leave

We also recommend you register for online services to make it easy for you to view your entitlements and make changes.